A Weekend Getaway in Salzburg


The hills are alive with the sound of me singing off-key… at least they were the weekend I went to Salzburg, Austria. Growing up I watched the Sound of Music with my family many times, so when the opportunity arose for me to spend a weekend in Salzburg, where it was filmed, I jumped on it!

Salzburg quickly turned into one of my favorite European cities. While I love visiting places like Athens or Paris, this was a city I could actually see myself living in. It was more relaxed, the river and colorful buildings amazed me and I loved the bakeries where I could grab a cappuccino and croissant in the mornings.

Here are the things you must see and do if you jet off for a weekend here in Austria.


There are so many beautiful bridges in Salzburg because the city expands over both sides of the Salzach River. The Mozart Footbridge is pretty famous, although it’s not my favorite. I like the lock and key bridge because it’s open and you can see the entire city center better. Be sure to walk across for a great view of the old fortress and church in old town.


Grain Lane

When you’re in Salzburg you shouldn’t miss the busiest shopping avenue in the city. It’s been around since Medieval times, only now it’s upgraded to Louis Vuitton and a gourmet McDonalds. The street is crowded but fun and ends at a beautiful old church.

You’ll even find Mozart’s birth home on this street! You’ll know you’ve reached it because you’ll bump into groups of tourists pausing to take photos.

IMG_6734 2IMG_0677

Salzburg Cathedral

This cathedral is the heart of Salzburg. You can see it from every direction, and it’s iconic for being the church Maria and Captain Von Trap get married in and also where Mozart was baptized. I personally love the green domes on top. It is the center of three squares in Old Town so it’s safe to say it’s the heart of this city. The famous horse fountain (as shown in the Sound of Music of course) is also here! It’s a great photo spot.

Also, I feel like the church looks even more impressive on overcast days. Almost spooky, isn’t it?


Mozart Square

This may be the most famous square in Salzburg. Here you’ll find a statue dedicated to, you guessed it, Mozart. There is also a Salzburg museum here, cafes and even a free public library! It’s make-shift bookshelves were packed and there were bean bag chairs sprawled out over the plaza for you to sit in and read. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in a city! I only wish it hadn’t rained earlier so I could actually sit and hang out! It would be perfect on a clear, summer day.


Hohensalzburg Castle

You cant go to Salzburg without going up into it’s ancient fortress. The castle is hundreds of years old and gives you the best view of the city and the hills sprawling outside of it.

Hop onto the lift for a ride with the best view of the city you life almost straight up the side of the mountain. If you’re really brave you can stand in the front. You can also walk up to the castle if you have more time.

I didn’t realize this, but the castle is the oldest fully preserved castle in Central Europe according to http://www.salzburg.info.

Mirabell Palace Gardens

Are you a fan of the song “Do Re Mi”? If so then you can’t miss these gardens! The Von Trap family runs through here singing and hops up the iconic steps. The gardens are beautiful and have a view of the castle.

Shop for Christmas Ornaments

All year round this shop sells intricate hand-made ornaments. It was so beautiful! Everywhere you turn there were baskets filled with painted eggs for all different seasons, and the shop seems to never end.

Have a Drink at the Funky Monkey

This fun bar cafe is a must! It’s right across the river so you can look out at the fortress while you try different drinks. I tried an Austrian beer, iced coffee with Baileys and some funky money shots.

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