5 Trips Everyone Should Take in College

College is where you find out who you are. Nothing can better prepare you for the "real world" than traveling. It opens your mind and heart, teaches you valuable life skills and gets you outside of your comfort zone. Here are five epic trips every college student should take!

Why College Students Should Travel More

Too often students stay bunkered down on campus and don't get out. Whether it's exploring the city your campus is located in, or the state, surrounding states, and even international travel, it's important to get out of your comfort zone. 

So why don't more college students make traveling a priority?

Study Abroad Recap: Greece 2016

During the summer of 2016 I spent over five weeks traveling around the beautiful country, Greece. During my time I went to six islands and five cities on the mainland. I took three classes: Photography, Women in Ancient Greek Literature, & St. Paul's Influence on Early Christianity. But believe me when I say I learned far more than what I read out of my textbooks.