5 Winter Trip Ideas in the Midwest

Does anyone else feel like all winter long they just want to cozy up with a book and a cup of coffee? I know that in the winter my body physically doesn’t want to move somedays and I wind up resting all weekend, escaping from the cold. However, there are still plenty of travel opportunities for us!

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway right here in the midwest, I’ve dreamed up some ideal spots for you to get out and explore, despite the snow and cold!

Mammoth Caves, Kentucky

You know I love visiting National Parks. I just think they’re spectacular! Well, this park in particular is perfect to visit in the winter. Because the caves are underground, the temperature is usually pretty moderate, ranging from 50-60°F. You can walk down into the caves and see gorgeous rock formations! (Just look out for the crickets!)

Image result for mammoth cave

Chicago, Illinois

Of course, Chicago. This beautiful, windy city is the third largest in the United States and there are always things going on! Head up in the John Hancock Tower for drinks, see a show on Broadway and ice skate in Millennium Park! I love Chicago and rave about it all the time, even when I’m on the other side of the world. Sometimes in the winter the sunsets turn into cotton candy skies. And when you can see the lake, it’s exceptional.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee is an underrated city in my opinion. I went once for a concert and I loved the vibe! This is somewhat of a foodie heaven, and it’s a great stop for a weekend getaway, especially for beer lovers. It’s the home of Miller beer, so you can head to Miller Valley and tour the brewery. At the botanical gardens, you can also participate in a monthly series where you can sample local brews!

Image result for miller valley

Upper Peninsula, Michigan

If you’re looking for a snowy winter get-away, then this is the place for you! Hop on a snow-mobile and make your way across the entire peninsula. The Upper Peninsula is reasonably priced for lodging and food, and you’ll meet the nicest people! Besides snowmobiling, there are ice caves, skiing, snowboarding and just about any other winter sport you can think of!

Image result for winter in the upper peninsula

The Ozarks, Missouri

The Ozarks are a beautiful part of Missouri. These lakes are part of state parks and other preserved land, making them another great outdoor destination in the winter. There are many beautiful lodges here overlooking the frozen lakes, as well as places to ski and snowboard. The Wonders of Wildlife Museum and Aquarium is another great option for families visiting!

Image result for the ozarks in the winter

No matter where you go, there will be fun things to do! I love hitting up cities in the winter because it’s the perfect excuse for brewery hopping and art museums (two of my favorite things!) You can head to Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Nashville, Omaha or any other city in the Midwest and enjoy it in the winter. Get excited about botanical gardens and winter festivals! Much of winter travel is about the mindset you’re in – as well as being flexible with travel conditions. Wherever you go, enjoy it! Everyone deserves a weekend getaway, even in the winter.

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