Looking Back on October

We’ve wrapped up the 10th month of the year! Can you believe it? I’m shocked that there’s only two more months of 2019! It feels like this year has just flown by.

October was a slow month for me. I actually didn’t travel anywhere. I had plans for a long weekend in the beginning of the month to fly down to Georgia and do a coastal road trip, but those plans were changed last minute and I wasn’t able to go. Instead of booking other last-minute travel plans, I decided to stay home. I really spent this month pouring myself into my work.

Our library closed for two weeks for testing, so I created a mobile library in the workroom and was ‘exiled’ to a fold-up table in the hallway for two weeks. That took up a lot of my energy, but it was really fun!

Outside of work, I did some pretty fun things locally with friends. With my coworkers, I went to an Escape Room, and got out in 38 minutes! I also went to a wine & canvas night with them, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Instead of heading to Georgia for fall break, I took a trip to South Bend. I went to the history museum and explored the studebaker exhibit and got a private tour through the Oliver Mansion. It was just beautiful! To end the weekend, I met up with Alyssa to drink spiced wine and pick apples at an orchard – something you can’t skip during the fall. It ended up being a lovely weekend catching up with old friends.

The next weekend was probably my favorite weekend of the month. It was Homecoming at Ball State! It was my first time returning to campus as an alumni and I saw so many of my friends from college. It was a blast tailgating at the stadium and ending the night at The Chug – the best bar in all of Muncie.

Throughout the month I tried lots of new restaurants and coffee shops in Fort Wayne. One of the things I love about living here is that there are seemingly endless places to eat! Some of my favorites were Junkditch Alley Brewing Company and Nori Asian Fusion Cafe. If you have other recommendations, leave them in the comments below!

Just Cream Ice Cream Boutique; Junkditch Alley Brewing Company; Nori Asian Fusion Cafe; Bon Bon’s Coffee Company

The biggest change in October came with the addition of a new roommate! He’s the best addition to our house and has brought us so much joy when we’re stressed out from work. Everyone, meet Tito! This is Paige’s new dog and we just love him. Paige and I went to an adoption event hosted by the local Subaru dealership and we just fell in love with him. Tito travelled all the way from Texas to find a new home, and we’re so happy we found him.

Although I took some time off from traveling, it was a wonderful month spent with friends and family. I do have a long weekend coming up in November so stay tuned for what I have planned!

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