The Best of Luxembourg City

I had no plans to travel to Luxembourg before this semester – mainly because I had never heard of it! However, because it borders Germany I quickly learned more about it and decided I needed to visit!

Where in the world is Luxembourg?

Luxembourg Quick Facts

Population: 590,667
Official Languages: Luxembourgish, French & German
Size: 998 mi²
Bordering Countries: Germany, France & Belgium
Capital City: Luxembourg City
Government: Monarchy

What to do in Luxembourg City

I believe Luxembourg (as a whole) would be best travelled by car. If you hire a rental you can easily drive around the entire country and see all of the incredible sights outside of the capital city. However, because I lacked a car I took a train into the city center and stayed there for the weekend.

Truthfully, Luxembourg City can be done in a day. It’s small enough to walk everywhere, but it also has a fantastic public bus system to get you to all sides of the city.

Travel Tip: On Saturdays the public buses are free! I got around the city all day and didn’t pay at all.

Old Town

Just like every other European city, there is a beautiful historic center of the city, and the one in Luxembourg City is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site! Luxembourg City is unique in that it is built on many different levels. There is a deep gorge and river that runs through the center of city, and it has been built up around the river so from the top you can look down at see it all! Or if you make your way to the bottom you can look up and see the buildings towering around you.

The Casemates

The number one thing to do in Luxembourg City is visit the Casemates du Bock. These are the remains of a castle & fortress built in the year 963! They are over 1,000 years old! The actual ‘casemates’ are tunnels and cellars built under the castle, which you can go and explore today.

You’ll want to wear good walking shoes because the ground is uneven, especially the stairs, but it is so worth it! You can weave your way through a cave-like tunnel system and see where soldiers worked a thousand years ago. There are also beautiful openings on the side of the cliff where you can look out over the city.

This is only €4 to get in and you can walk through on your own. If you’re interested in guided tours they are offered through travel companies, but don’t expect to find English easily as it’s not one of the country’s official languages.

At the exit of this attraction is an outdoor walkway where you can get the best views of the city, looking down at Clervaux Abbey and the river below.

Adolphe Bridge

Because this is a multi-level city, there are many bridges connecting each area, but the most famous is named the Adolphe Bridge. It is massive, ‎153 metres long and 42 metres high.

You can actually find the walking path that is connected to the bottom of the bridge, so you can cross directly underneath the cars! It’s surprisingly stable and the path is paved so the bridge doesn’t move at all. It gives you great views of the city park below.

Petrusse Valley & Park

If there’s one thing I discovered in Luxembourg City that I wasn’t planning before my visit, it was Petrusse Park. After crossing the Adolphe Bridge I really wanted to head down into the valley and explore! I could see walking paths and bikers casually riding along, and it looked so beautiful. I thought that’s all it was but I was surely mistaken.

Besides all of the greenery and paved trails, there is a mini golf park, playground and skate park! You can walk under these gorgeous bridges and everyone walks there dogs here. I have never been so pleasantly surprised before.

It also leads directly into the base of Old Town and the abbey, so it loops you right back where you want to go!

The Chocolate House

You will immediately fall in love with the Chocolate House! This adorable little spot is right next to the Grand Ducal Palace (so you can watch the changing of the guards while you enjoy your treat!) and you can sit outside on fur-lined benches and order from a plethora of options. While they serve all sorts of food and drink, you have to order a hot chocolate spoon. It comes out with a cup of hot milk and you stir the chocolate into your cup until it dissolves completely.

I ordered a cinnamon hot chocolate and it was delicious!

Dipso – The Wine Republic

The best way to end an evening in Luxembourg is by enjoying a few glasses of wine. Dipso is a Lonely Planet-suggested wine bar that I found through a little research, and it didn’t disappoint! You can sit outside on the porch or indoors in a dimmed, rustic room. It’s the perfect, candle-lit atmosphere for relaxing after a busy day of traveling. You won’t want to skip this!

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