Top Ten Reasons to Visit the Indiana Dunes National Lake Shore

When you think of a beach getaway, Indiana might not be the first place that comes to mind. However, its quiet shores along Lake Michigan draw in travelers and locals all summer long who want to relax on a beach and soak up the sun. Here are 10 reasons why you should make this your next vacation.

  1. It’s relatively cheap. Indiana is not a tourist-filled state, and so prices are typically low. Entrance to the state park is $5-10 depending on if you’re an Indiana local or an out-of-state visitor. IMG_1557
  2. Lake Michigan is a fresh body of water, it’s not salty. This means you’ll never accidentally inhale salt water, and it can be generally more refreshing. IMG_8659
  3. It literally makes you happier. Swimming in natural bodies of water releases endorphins in our brain that physically increases our mood and well-being. IMG_1547
  4. It’s even beautiful in the winter. Because the lake is shallow it freezes, creating frozen waves and hills out over the water. IMG_4085
  5. You can camp at the Dunes, and many of the campgrounds even have bathrooms and shower facilities. You can tent camp or bring a camper. campground
  6. There are many hiking trails along the beach – over 50 miles! IMG_1558
  7. You can climb up natural sand dunes and have a view over the entire beach front. On clear days you can even see Chicago! 268
  8. It’s the only State Park that’s also a National Park! IMG_8462
  9. It’s the perfect place to have a picnic, even in the spring and fall! Because it’s a lake the waves are usually calm, so the entire atmosphere is relaxing. It’s the perfect place to bring a blanket, snacks and a good book. 66
  10. On the 4th of July the town has an epic firework display on the beach. Fireworks are lit on a barge on the lake, there are many concessions for food and drinks, and all of the locals show up to throw frisbees and splash in the water before. LPSM4070

What are you waiting for? It’s almost summer time!

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