Spring Break on a Budget

For spring break this year I decided that I wanted to visit Maryland. I was looking to eat some incredible crab cakes and explore a new state. I went to Baltimore, Annapolis and Washington D.C. for 5 days and spent $450: total.


One of the best resources for college students is a website called Student Universe. Here students can book flights at very discounted rates on major airlines. This was the reason I was able to spend so little on my trip. I flew roundtrip from Indianapolis to Washington D.C. for $120.

Price was definitely a factor when I was choosing my spring break destination. Indy to Washington D.C. is a short flight, and not a popular spring break destination, so the prices were not as expensive as a flight to Florida or Mexico might have been.

From there, I bought a $13 Greyhound bus ticket to get me from D.C. to Baltimore, where I was beginning my trip. In the city I walked a lot, which saves tons of money, and I also took advantage of their free public bus system. It was easy to download the app to my phone and figure out which stops to get off at so I could see things like the original Washington Monument!


I also utilized Uber and Lyft. I had never used the apps before so KateLin sent me a link so we got $25 in discounted rides! It saved us a bunch of money, especially in D.C. because we took the most rides that day. We were there for such a short amount of time that we wanted to catch rides around the city so we could see as much as we could.

This was one of my favorite parts of the trip because we learned so much from our drivers! We learned a lot about their lives, and we also asked them for food recommendations. Tip: talk to the locals, as they know the best places to go!


One benefit to large families is knowing people all around the country. We stayed with my cousin in Baltimore, so that saved us a lot of money. But in Annapolis we used AirBNB to find a quaint, cheaper place to stay. One thing to note about AirBNB is that you will pay a little more than the posted price in fees and taxes. Either way, we split the cost and paid $73 each.

(Use this link to get $40 in travel credit!)

This was a really fun experience for us because our hosts were so nice! We had our own bathroom, they provided breakfast, and they let us use their refrigerator to store leftover food. They also gave us some recommendations for places to go.

Food & Fun

After flights and lodging I now had $250 to buy some great food and do some fun things. Food was definitely the priciest portion of the trip, but well worth it. I went on this trip with the intention to eat some incredible sea food, and that I did. Because we went to three cities in six days, my biggest goal was to see as much as I could, which is a great way to explore without spending money.

Here you can read how I spent my day sight-seeing in D.C.

I’ll have more about Baltimore and Annapolis coming soon!

All my best,




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